Rebecca Darlington’s practice dissects notions of belonging, culture, identity, decoration and production by distilling these elements to their essence. Her ecological topography work echo our human relations and present simple linked figures in elegant arrangements. Invented lace is blown to heroic scale and becomes a link to personality and vanity. Her paintings, installations and sculptures all examine the multiple connections that form a landscape in our lives. They ask why we persist in creating communions?  Is the sacrifice of our individuality worth the solidarity of the tribe? 

“Fabric of the Universe” is a series of artworks exploring ideas about human connections, culture, identity and decoration of the environment with our planet Earth as a thriving entity. For the past three years, I’ve been working on a series of drawings and paintings composed of multitudes-actually thousands of layered vines. They represent our need for community to impulsively stick together because our lives depend on them. I think of the making as a kind of meditative practice. Symbolically, growing without others we wither and die on the vine. We're hopelessly connected. I use lace as a jumping off point, mark making by any means and collaged elements to form invented hotbeds of forest. Their perfectly formed environment for me represents intense possibilities of creativity." Rebecca Darlington